About Xogeny

In 1999, the “Web 2.0” revolution completely changed nearly every aspect of our lives, except engineering. While some web-based technologies have trickled down into engineering, the reality is that our personal lives are far more enriched by this technology than our professional ones.

Xogeny believes that engineers deserve their own revolution of collaboration and productivity.

Michael Tiller

Dr. Michael Tiller is the Founder and President of Xogeny.

After 10 years working at Ford Motor Company in the Powertrain Research Department, Dr. Tiller left Ford to become a Vice President at Emmeskay, an engineering consulting company eventually acquired by LMS International. After leaving LMS, Dr. Tiller relocated to France to become worldwide Director of Marketing at Dassault Systemes with responsibility for marketing of Dassault Systemes’ Modelica-based physical modeling tools.

In 2012, Dr. Tiller returned to the United States committed to helping companies achieve more with their modeling processes. He founded Xogeny to develop products and services focused on ensuring that modeling had the greatest possible impact on the product development process.

In addition to training and consulting, Dr. Tiller is a sought after public speaker on the topics of software, modeling, technology and engineering.




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