Based on our experiences developing web-based engineering analysis tools, we’ve created an entirely new platform for the deployment of engineering applications via the web called Aperion. While our previous efforts have been focused on specific types of applications and engineering content, those experiences inspired us to create an extensible platform for creating web-based engineering analysis tools.

The Aperion platform was developed to support a wide range of engineering application types and it is the basis for all of our most recent projects. The feedback we have gotten so far from our customers has been excellent. This new platform provides us with a range of useful functionality for managing data and dispatching analyses while providing an excellent user experience and extremely fast and efficient development.


Aperion provides the following capabilities for building web-based engineering analysis:

Easy creation of hypermedia APIs into engineering content

A plugin system for mapping custom visualizations to engineering content

Built-in support for common engineering use cases


Aperion based applications can be deployed in public cloud or private cloud configurations. The public cloud makes use of existing IaaS providers providers and has tremendous scalability. The private cloud version is intended to be hosted on-site at companies that already have their own existing infrastructure to utilize.

To learn more about how Aperion can help bring your engineering content to the web, contact us at

Xenarius Generator

The Xenarius Generator (or “XenGen” for short) converts FMUs into web applications. It builds these applications completely from the FMUs (see FMI Standard). This means that models can be authored in their native environments and still be transformed into fully functional web applications. The key feature of XenGen is that content creators don’t need to learn new technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. in order to create special purpose web-based analysis tools from their models.

Note that Aperion is the next generation replacement for XenGen. It represents a significant expansion on the XenGen capabilities because it allows a much wider range of engineering content (beyond FMUs) to be integrated into web-based engineering analysis applications.