noun - [ek-SOJ-uh-nee]
An action or object coming from outside a system.

Xogeny is developing technologies to transform engineering content into web-based engineering analysis applications.




The ability to properly model engineering systems is the foundation for enabling the model based system engineering (MBSE) process. Modeling is the art of capturing the essential details required to analyze the necessary attributes of your system.



Models are only the beginning. Once you have a model, you need the be able to execute that model and extract the essential results from the model. Our Engineering Content Platform, Aperion, brings to power of "the cloud" to your simulation problem.

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For engineering knowledge to have an impact, it needs a deployment path. Our technologies can turn your engineering knowledge into web-based engineering analysis applications that impact the critical path of product design and development.

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Data Management

Data management isn't simply about storing your results but giving you a complete picture of your analysis activities. Data management is an integral component of our Engineering Content Platform, Aperion.



It doesn't make sense for engineers to work in isolation. Whether they are collaborating on a design or handing results off to each other as part of an enterprise level workflow, engineers deserve an environment that helps them collaborate effectively.



We've been there. We understand the opportunities for using engineering software to make great products and more than anything else, we want to help our customers succeed in bring great products to market quickly.

To learn more about our consulting and training services, contact us at sales@xogeny.com